The Hollemeersch

The Hollemeersch situated in a bright part of Heuvelland was aready mentioned on the first local maps centuries ago. It owes its particular name 'the high and low Hollemeersch' to its position in lower meadows (meerschen) at the flanks of the southern slopes of Mount Kemmel.

Till the end of the first World War it was nothing but a name. However a famous name because everyone who had to pass by hurried. Indeed the Hollemeersch was 'bereen van de mare' what means bedevilled. In 1920 a small farm (3 cows and 1 horse) was built with what could be found on the battlefield.

A priest's maid who came to live here couldn't settle in and chose for a short end. So the house was for sale.

Franz Van den Weghe, back from the Great War, bought it and settled there with his family in 1926. He built some chicken coops, raised goats and honeybees, grew apples and some other fruit. There was no paved road, no water pipe, no electricity but it was a cosy place.
His son Franz, a cook, built the hotel restaurant at the same site in 1961. There was no paved road and there were no modern facilities but there was a similar familiar spirit. He conserved the name the Hollemeersch. Also the new generations Van den Weghe have chosen for this tradition.

After the necessary modernization and improvements the Hollemeersch has stayed in the most beautiful area of the Westhoek.